Thursday, January 1, 2009

Random hearts...

It occurred to me while uploading these pix that there really isn't a continuous theme amongst them...color wise, bird wise, heart wise. Well, I take it back. There is something these lovely items have in common. Go ahead. Take a stab at it. Guess. What? Did you say.... I wanted them and needed them???? If you did, you guessed right! Boy, you're getting to know me real well. I like that.

This picture makes me laugh.
I love it so!
Perfect for our playroom.
Dog lovers can't you see your faithful ole' pal hopping aboard a rocket??? Our dog is a slobbery English Mastiff who wouldn't be caught dead on a rocket. However, she is known to ride biotch on the back of our Harley :)

Ummm, why haven't I seen these before now? I want one in every size and color and I want them now. End of discussion.

Am I too old to get these for ahhhhh, myself?
Sure I could share with my kids but they have enough stuff....Oh all right. I'll share. I promise. They're so cool!

Love. Want. Need. Soooo pretty.

How many flippin times a day do I say all this stuff?
Could you even come close when guessing?
I highly doubt it.
Luckily our daughters are all under the age of 9 so the "No Boys Allowed" sign is a bit irrelevant cause you know boys have cooties until your like 12ish. I'll just keep that one tucked away till then. I think this artist is so darn cool
You can just get his vibe looking through his shop...go ahead. You'll fall for him too.

We love us some fairies in this house!
We even have a fairy door in our family room so they can come and go as they please.
I love, love, love this shop and you will too...especially if you believe in fairies :)
See you soon!


  1. I LOVE your collection of pictures. Those swirly hats are the best. Awesome! (ps. you have good taste in music too.)

  2. I love all your Etsy picks. So lovely....:)

  3. Great picks! Just found your happy I did!