Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I want, I want, I want...

I'm starting to feel like I sound like Veruka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want this, I want that...I want it and I want it NOW!

I blame Etsy...like a warm cup of milk...ahhhh.

I blame all the talented artists who have their fabulous shops...eye candy.
I blame Paypal for making it so darn easy to shop...click.
I blame my undeniable good taste...touche ;)

It's 2009, time to plant that money tree.

OMG! This shop is aptly named Fantastic Toys. My girls would LOVE playing with that paper house and all the others this crafty artist has to offer. You know what's really cool about this shop? They offer up the PDF so YOU can make it!!! Love that!

Don't cha just love these hair clippies???
They are SO cute!!
This neat shop will be listing Valentine clips soon so check back often!

Obviously I'm developing a wee hair accessory addiction to compliment my other addictions...oh, who cares!
I'm fine with the fact that I'm somewhat obsessive.
Definitely compulsive.
I can want everything I see, can't I?

Holy, moly.
Have you EVER, EVER seen a prettier party hat?
There's a challenge in that question.
You hearing me?
This shop is loaded with beauties.
If you're looking for a special hat for a special occasion (scrap that...who needs a special occasion to wear a fancy hat? Certainly not my girls!) you must visit this shop!

I'm in love with this little number.
Need I say more?

I kid you not.
These are bibs!
The pure gorgeousness of these little ditty's is undeniable.
If my girls were still in the bib wearing stage I'd buy each and every one.
Lucky enough, I'll still have the pleasure of buying from this shop for all my friends who are expecting babies!


You'd think with Christmas behind me I'd give myself a little break from the shopping arena. Who are you kidding?
Not me!
I LIVE for this stuff.


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