Tuesday, April 21, 2009


See this sweet girl?
She'll be three on May 12th.
She's my baby.
How is it possible that my baby is three?
When my other two turn 6 and 9 I'll be asking myself this question yet again.
Birthday's are a tad bittersweet for me.
I don't want my babies to grow up!!!!
Sigh....it happens.
Anyways...onto the GOOD stuff.
The following are the goodies I've either already purchased or in the midst of purchasing...all from Etsy!

How darn cute?

So beautifully made.

A bit of old fashioned fun.

An absolute must for all super hero's in training.

Festive and fun and looking for treasures never grows old!

A must have for all under the table dwellers.

Soooo cute!

This was simply irresistible so is already hanging in the closet :)

OK...that's the list!
Think my baby will by psyched?

Friday, April 3, 2009

I thought it'd be fun...

To see only some of my recent purchases from...you bet, ETSY!
I don't think my brief little descriptions are necessary...obviously I LOVED em so I bought em!
I will however, tell you where to get them...I'm nice like that :)

rainbow fabrics

maple shade kids

kady hope


girl most likely to

the earth hermit

Found myself some goodies! I'm pretty compulsive when it comes to shopping. I never beat around the bush. I either like and need to own it or I move on. There are only certain occassions when I'll 'think' on something. I believe if I see something and it touches me in some way it was meant to be. I buy 99% of all the fabrics I use on etsy as well as other craft materials. I love supporting my fellow Etsians and hope you will too!