Tuesday, April 21, 2009


See this sweet girl?
She'll be three on May 12th.
She's my baby.
How is it possible that my baby is three?
When my other two turn 6 and 9 I'll be asking myself this question yet again.
Birthday's are a tad bittersweet for me.
I don't want my babies to grow up!!!!
Sigh....it happens.
Anyways...onto the GOOD stuff.
The following are the goodies I've either already purchased or in the midst of purchasing...all from Etsy!

How darn cute?

So beautifully made.

A bit of old fashioned fun.

An absolute must for all super hero's in training.

Festive and fun and looking for treasures never grows old!

A must have for all under the table dwellers.

Soooo cute!

This was simply irresistible so is already hanging in the closet :)

OK...that's the list!
Think my baby will by psyched?

Friday, April 3, 2009

I thought it'd be fun...

To see only some of my recent purchases from...you bet, ETSY!
I don't think my brief little descriptions are necessary...obviously I LOVED em so I bought em!
I will however, tell you where to get them...I'm nice like that :)

rainbow fabrics

maple shade kids

kady hope


girl most likely to

the earth hermit

Found myself some goodies! I'm pretty compulsive when it comes to shopping. I never beat around the bush. I either like and need to own it or I move on. There are only certain occassions when I'll 'think' on something. I believe if I see something and it touches me in some way it was meant to be. I buy 99% of all the fabrics I use on etsy as well as other craft materials. I love supporting my fellow Etsians and hope you will too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Like music...

Art provokes me.
Moves me.
Makes me happy.
Laugh out loud.
Or sad.
A hard swallow in my throat.
I find I learn something about myself by the things I find beautiful...do you?
I'm in awe of those that can twist a wire to make it an amazing piece of jewelry.
Or a painter who can lay down their every thought to form brilliant tid bits for my eyes.
How is it made?
What materials are used?
So talented are all my Etsy loves.

Amour, yes.
I've fallen for this ultra talented gal.
Fallen hard.

I'm a big lover of all things house.
This my dears is quite special.
In fact you'll be seeing this mega star again because she's got many, many interesting and beautiful pieces in her shop!

Oh goodness!
I stumbled upon this darling moss grower when my five year old was looking over my shoulder.
'Mom! I want one...can you get me one???'
I'm thinking what a fun, out of the ordinary treat for the Easter bunny to bring!
Sure beats those adorable (horrible tasting) Peeps!

I Love that I stumbled upon this shop...Their houses are what brought me in...go check them out if you're a freak like me :)
This cat however made me smile, big time.

Vintage goodness at it's best!
This shop boasts all the fun stuff a girl could want.
I'm loving, loving, loving all her finds!

How stinkin cute is this?
I mean really!!!
I'm soooo in love with everything in this shop...this little guy actually made me laugh out loud!

I love this shot and this photographer.
Interesting, serene, retro...I'm totally digging it...plus I'm a huge, HUGE b&w and sepia fan (no pun intended :)

Go ahead and smile...every gal needs a mustache necklace, no?
I know I sure do after seeing this...it just makes me happy.


Have a lovely day and go find yourself a feast for your eyes!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A rainbow connection...

I'm totally over Winter.
It's officially time for me to put my crazy on if I need to contend with any more snow, snow days, ice or slush.

I'm going to pretend Spring is tomorrow, the flowers are blooming and all is right in the world.
OK. I'm a bit dismal, gloomy, blue.

My kids have the stomach bug...puke-ola turning my lovely house into a stink zone.
O.V.E.R. it!
I need a break.

Oh joy! This delights me in every way.

Have ya ever seen a cuter pin cushion?

And who doesn't need cupcake band-aids?

Ummmm, can you say kaaaaaaaa-uuute!
OMG. Luv!
I've just discovered this shop and so glad I did!

I love the organic feel of these tags.
I'd be selfish and use them for tagging goodies around the house instead of using them on gifts...sorry, that's just how I roll :)

Hedgehogs + this shop = Happiness

It's Vintage baby!
Love this shop.
Oooodles of neat things to do whatever with.
I've got some of their treats on the way to me and I can't wait to get crafty!

For the lego lovers out there...how darn cute is this?

And finally.
Another one of my MOST favorite artists.
She's just too cute and her work is fun, happy and makes me forget it's Winter.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Cora Paige...

Yeah, this isn't my usual kind of post but hey, what better time to mix things up a bit than for a good cause?
Run on much?
English grammar isn't my strong point...I digress (have you guessed yet that I'm good at that?)
On with it!
You may already know about Cora Paige or you may not.
I first 'met' her a few months back after reading one of my favorite blogs.
Skip to just a couple weeks ago and I learn she is sick...very sick.
Sweet Cora passed away this past week...my heart is still breaking.
To read more of her story visit: http://themcclenahans.blogspot.com/
To learn more about Cora's Playground visit: http://corapaige.blogspot.com/
Many of us Etsian's have banded together to help raise money for her family to build Cora's Playground at Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas.

Denise over at this cute little blog was able to make a Treasury of Cora goodies and look...I'm on the top right!
In order to make it to the front page which is a HUGE deal we need a ton o' comments left on
this thread!!!
Please just take a minute and pop by...pretty please?
I'll be back with my usual goodies soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An itty bitty list...

of goodies to warm my heart.
I could spend all day every day feeding my eyes with all the pleasures that Etsy has to offer.
It's better than ice cream, better than a clean house (rates high on my must haves but am willing to live without...hey, gotta sacrifice), better than my favorite pair of perfectly fitting designer jeans!
I could literally sit on my duff all day and just dream of owning e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g I see!

These caught my eye...I think the U for underwear had me at hello :) My intention is owning one of every print in this shop and stringing them throughout my house...they make me really happy.

OK. OK. You probably 'get' that I love me some owls.
Well, what's not to love? This lil' guy is a peg board!
With a cutie like this to hang your coats on what kid wouldn't comply?

How darling are these?
They'll look great in my kitchen.
This shop has quite a neat selection of things, you must stop by!
I just think this is down right awesome.
This artist has amazing taste!

I love, love, LOVE this shop!
This pic is on it's way to me as I type...can't wait to get it!

My sister is 'honeybee' so MUST own this lovely necklace.
Happy Birthday girl!
I am loving this shop to pieces!

I will try and be more regular with my posting.
I've been a bit busy with my own shop (thank you very much!) and trying to keep my girls happy during these oh so cold months.
Have a great day!