Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Cora Paige...

Yeah, this isn't my usual kind of post but hey, what better time to mix things up a bit than for a good cause?
Run on much?
English grammar isn't my strong point...I digress (have you guessed yet that I'm good at that?)
On with it!
You may already know about Cora Paige or you may not.
I first 'met' her a few months back after reading one of my favorite blogs.
Skip to just a couple weeks ago and I learn she is sick...very sick.
Sweet Cora passed away this past heart is still breaking.
To read more of her story visit:
To learn more about Cora's Playground visit:
Many of us Etsian's have banded together to help raise money for her family to build Cora's Playground at Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas.

Denise over at this cute little blog was able to make a Treasury of Cora goodies and look...I'm on the top right!
In order to make it to the front page which is a HUGE deal we need a ton o' comments left on
this thread!!!
Please just take a minute and pop by...pretty please?
I'll be back with my usual goodies soon!


  1. hello. do you have any tips on where to add the cute pink box link to etsy for cora?
    i can't figure it out.
    thank you :O)

  2. What a great cause - Did the treasury make it to the front page?

    I love reading your blog and your funny little comments and have just nominated you for a Proximidade Award.

    Please visit my blog to check it out.

    Christine xxoo

  3. So enjoyed seeing all these beautiful items. Great to see the different hand made beauties. Thank you. Your blog is awesome.