Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Like music...

Art provokes me.
Moves me.
Makes me happy.
Laugh out loud.
Or sad.
A hard swallow in my throat.
I find I learn something about myself by the things I find you?
I'm in awe of those that can twist a wire to make it an amazing piece of jewelry.
Or a painter who can lay down their every thought to form brilliant tid bits for my eyes.
How is it made?
What materials are used?
So talented are all my Etsy loves.

Amour, yes.
I've fallen for this ultra talented gal.
Fallen hard.

I'm a big lover of all things house.
This my dears is quite special.
In fact you'll be seeing this mega star again because she's got many, many interesting and beautiful pieces in her shop!

Oh goodness!
I stumbled upon this darling moss grower when my five year old was looking over my shoulder.
'Mom! I want one...can you get me one???'
I'm thinking what a fun, out of the ordinary treat for the Easter bunny to bring!
Sure beats those adorable (horrible tasting) Peeps!

I Love that I stumbled upon this shop...Their houses are what brought me in...go check them out if you're a freak like me :)
This cat however made me smile, big time.

Vintage goodness at it's best!
This shop boasts all the fun stuff a girl could want.
I'm loving, loving, loving all her finds!

How stinkin cute is this?
I mean really!!!
I'm soooo in love with everything in this shop...this little guy actually made me laugh out loud!

I love this shot and this photographer.
Interesting, serene, retro...I'm totally digging I'm a huge, HUGE b&w and sepia fan (no pun intended :)

Go ahead and smile...every gal needs a mustache necklace, no?
I know I sure do after seeing just makes me happy.


Have a lovely day and go find yourself a feast for your eyes!