Friday, April 3, 2009

I thought it'd be fun...

To see only some of my recent purchases bet, ETSY!
I don't think my brief little descriptions are necessary...obviously I LOVED em so I bought em!
I will however, tell you where to get them...I'm nice like that :)

rainbow fabrics

maple shade kids

kady hope


girl most likely to

the earth hermit

Found myself some goodies! I'm pretty compulsive when it comes to shopping. I never beat around the bush. I either like and need to own it or I move on. There are only certain occassions when I'll 'think' on something. I believe if I see something and it touches me in some way it was meant to be. I buy 99% of all the fabrics I use on etsy as well as other craft materials. I love supporting my fellow Etsians and hope you will too!


  1. Thank you for including my daffodils! And your purchases, of course ;-)

  2. Great finds! Pretty fabrics!

  3. So many great choices! I have so many favorite things on Etsy I'd go broke if I bought them all.but quite happy I bet:)

  4. Hello!

    What cute buys I really love the fabrics! great colors. Nothing wrong with being addicted to Etsy. I am running over to check out your other blog too :)