Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the kids get all the good stuff...

It's gonna be a good day today...of course the day is almost gone but I did in fact start this post early this morning :)
Hey, cut me some slack I had three major distractions throughout my day and things don't always get done when I want them to.
Not one to disappoint: I present you with some things you are just (and by 'out' I mean cyberspace :).

Would someone please talk some sense into me? I've got three kiddos under the age of 9 with no plans of having anymore...why then am I drawn to so many baby things? Oh. Because they're CUTE! Is this hat not to die for? Want to know the good news? They make hats for children, tweens and adults!

I just love this I spy bag...First of all, the doll inside the bunny cracks me up! This shop has so many awesome spy bags to choose from, I really couldn't pick a favorite :)

It makes me so happy to have girls when I see dolls like these. I just love that they're handmade, funky, soft and most of all C.U.T.E!

If I could click my heels and go back in time it would be to have a newborn again.
So many reasons to want to have my babies be babies again but I'll only list one to keep it brief.
I WANT one or in my case three of these in different patterns to put my babies in.
They'd each have to have their own so that it could then be put into their memory boxes to stay fresh until they had their own babies.
Wheeew that was a mouthful but well thought out, I think ;)
I'm even considering buying each of my daughters one now to put away for my grandchildren...someday. (my girls are 2,5 and 8...getting ahead of myself here).

I have a love/hate relationship with play-doh.
I love that it keeps the kiddos busy for a really long time.
I hate cleaning it up though when they're done.
However and this is a big HOWEVER, this dough I'd put all my issues aside for.
BTW...don't you just love the tins they come in?

This shop has so many fun, fabulous designs but my sweet tooth was kicking in when seeing this and I couldn't resist.

I'm in wuv with this little guy, in wuv.
There is SO much cuteness going on in this shop so're going to have a tough time choosing which little plush you're gonna want to walk away with.


  1. I'd never heard of spy bags before... Cool!

  2. Oh love all ur pics...and mine aren't tiny anymore either...just something about little things...and...well we could always display this stuff and say it was a 'work of art'...

  3. I love your blog and I want to follow it, but I can't find the link to follow it!

  4. The baby in a hat an tutu is precious!! Not only talented at crochet, but also in photography! Love your blog and now following!

  5. Such great feature and love the items! You have a lovely it! Hope your having a good weekend! n_n

  6. Hey! Thanks for the cape feature! I was just on the etsy forums and randomly clicked on your blog to see if people had started posting for the Wed. blog unite and wahlahha, there I am. Talk about random. I love your onesies and t's. They are adorable. Hope we can keep creating and selling!