Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy February...

It's cold.
There is yet ANOTHER school vacation looming over my head.
February stinks.
Ever wonder why that extra 'r' is in F.e.b.r.u.a.r.y?
Do you think of this month as not really getting your money's worth when you pay your mortgage...I mean geeez, you get jipped by at least two days!
I digress.
Hip hip's February!
The only and I mean ONLY reason I kinda do like this short little month is because of Valentine's Day!
I'm no scrooge but really the only reason to possibly celebrate this day is for the pretty colors, my fondness of hearts and the goodies that go along with it.
I get all excited when shop owners bring out their 'Valentine' stuff.
It's up year round in my house!

Oh good grief.
I stumbled upon this shop today and my goodness I fell in love with every darling thing.
I love the simplicity.
I love this sweet lil shop!

If you stop by this shop and I HIGHLY recommend it....for sure you won't leave empty handed!

These just plain make me happy and I know my girls will feel like they own the block wearing these kicks.
Yeah, I'm a crafty mom but sometimes I don't want to come up with a bleeping craft for them do.
I want one to arrive at my door beautifully wrapped like this one.
This shop is genius.

Remember these?
Totally dating myself here people but, I do!
I miss the sweetness that today's Valentines don't have...which is why I'll get mine here!
I'm only warning you once.
You WILL fall in love with each and every gub in this little factory.
You WILL need to make room for one of these cuties on your bed.
You WILL thank me later...I just know you will!
Now this is what I'm talkin about.
If you're not a baker (I am and that's why this makes me so happy) you will magically transform into Martha once receiving this awesome kit.
This shop totally inspires me to drink tea and cook with exotic spices too :)
See ya soon!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! You are ever so good. I am so glad though, I never would have found your blog, totally precious. I love how you "talk"! Must must come back often :)

    :) annax

  2. Thank you so much for posting about my shop, Cuore! I really appreciate it! :)


  3. I am so lucky to have one of annax's darling houses and I love it tons:) You have a fabulous blog...I'm thrilled you found me on etsy. Thanks so much!! xox...jenn