Saturday, January 3, 2009

the rainbow connection....

The sun is shining bright, making me forget that there's a chill when I step outdoors. Time to cozy up to my keyboard with a warm cup o'Joe and fill my eyes with beauty.

It's amazing who you'll meet when browsing through the community forums on Etsy. This morning this lovely artist posted a question and curiosity got the best of me. I was immediately blown away by her taste, craftsmanship and the utter gorgeousness of her animals. These guys are pure treasures. Gifts to pass on from generation to generation. A warm friend to cuddle at night. A decorative accent. These loveys are truly unique and special.

Sweet, colorful and promotes good dental health.
I'm loving these treats!
My girls would love them too. Great for Valentine's Day!
I'm on it!

This shop is SO cool!
So many fun, creative goodies to pick from.
Don't you just love these clips?

Move over MAC I've found myself a new cosmetic company and this one is ROCKING the color!
Best of all the ingredients they use are top notch.

You better move fast to snatch these cuties up.
This shop is having a sale and the prices cannot be beat!

I'm getting this so you can't have it ;)

Did you know I love hearts?
Flying or otherwise.
They make me happy and these are special.

OK. My husband is a Carpenter. We have three girls. I'd much rather see them tinkering with these plushies than the rusty, sharp, heavy equipment that's taking over my house. Tres chic and won't hurt when dropped on bitty toes.

At the risk of sounding like a snot I'm gonna put it out there right now. Oh, gosh...I hope I don't offend (sorry if I do)...I can't stand the frilly dresses they sell at department stores. Hate em. They literally make me want to scratch my eyes out. THIS dress makes me want to sing from the rooftops. That means I LOVE it!
My days of shopping in department stores are pretty much over anyhow, since I met Etsy.
How about you?
Have you switched from conventional shopping to shopping handmade? I kind of look at it like 'Going Green' except it's 'Going Handmade'. I like that. 'Going Handmade'. Let's you and I...get everyone to 'Go Handmade'. It'd make the world a better place. I just know it would.


  1. Wow! Lots of great items! Love the lollipops and that gorgeous necklace...great finds :)

  2. yes, I love shopping on Etsy, no crowds, some unique stuff and I can leave the kids behind lol
    I love that tool set!

  3. Definitely shopping more for handmade, less time spent in stores. Love the heart ornaments!

  4. Greetings fellow Etsian! ;) I have to say you've posted some truly magnificent finds here. I'm definitely gonna be following your blog missus!! Let me know if you you'd be interested in trading links...