Friday, January 16, 2009

Allow me...

A moment to beat my chest while standing on my soap box.
It's soooo easy to walk into Target and snatch up any old toy...Most likely made in China.
Most likely made by underage help.
Most likely made with plastics and chemicals.
Most likely containing lead.
But it's SO much easier flipping through Etsy, pointing my cursor, clicking my mouse and waiting for the Postman fairy to arrive with my purchase.
A purchase I made knowing it was made by hand, made with love, without the use of harmful chemicals, supporting small businesses and stay at home Moms.
I often wonder who the artist is behind the craft.
I wonder what kind of tea they like to drink.
How many kids are laughing in the next room while they wrap my package neatly for sending.
I wonder what they'll make for dinner, what time it is in their neck of the woods.
I wonder if they too, envision the child who will play with the toy they lovingly crafted by hand.
I wonder now; will these artists I've come to love (just by seeing the love they put into their work)...close up shop?
It's devastating to even think about...isn't it?

I want one of these in every color to decorate my daughter's book shelf.
Are they not cute?
The eyes had me at hello :)

This amazing shop drew me in with her a.m.a.z.i.n.g European fabrics but then I noticed she made children's things and I went gah-gah!
Oooo, I forgot to mention...all her fabric is on sale!!!

Would you look at those pear rattles??? Love the cute!
Her vintage chenille quilt is one to be passed on from generation to generation. So beautiful! You've got to see the goodies in this shop!

I just love, love, love the 'petite chaussures' picture SO much!
I can envision it on my oldest daughter's wall.
The one below it is just darling and perfect for Valentines Day. This artist is so diverse in the types of illustrations she does...she also does portraits!

I'm snatching up a few of these for my girls!
This designer is having a 'going out of business' sale but don't worry! She's got a new venture in the works...I can't wait to find out what she's got cookin'!

I stumbled upon this shop and I'm SO glad I did.
Her mice make me smile.
Make me laugh.
So much personality in each and every mouse.
I thought I fell in love with this brand of rodent after watching Ratatouille and reading Despereaux...oh no! Now, I'm really in love. No more mice traps in this Sir-eee!


  1. another gorgeous post! Thanks so much for sharing my quilt and pears!

  2. Those birds are soooo sweet!!

    I think we are all waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

  3. You found the cutest things! I'm especially fond of the birds and the bunny! Just adorable!


  4. oh *tear....I can't believe they'll let this happen...(shaking head) I think I'll have to get those birds and her bunny before they cost $4000 each!

  5. I just love Etsy too - and I'm not just saying that because I sell on Etsy. I am constantly amazed at the wonderful, unique and outstanding creations that I find there. I love Holland Fabric House too - I just received some fabric from them recently and it is just gorgeous. I've got so many ideas on what to do with it that I don't know where to start !

  6. Thanks so much~ You've got superior taste. I've marked your blog and will follow it from now on!

  7. Thank you so much... My Tweets salute your good taste, we are all very fond of house of mouse in my house too!

    (And we're not going anywhere... to put your mind at rest!)
    Feltmeupdesigns... aka mel

  8. great selection of brilliant sellers and talents! love it x

  9. Ok, the mice remind me of the little mice we played with as kids, each dressed in different clothes, and we had little dollhouse sized furniture for them... Too cute. K xo

  10. Those little birdies are precious!
    I love this post.. great finds!

  11. So adorable the mice...gosh. Felting is just amazing these days!

  12. Beautiful items! I enjoyed your thoughts on the CPSIA.

  13. Hey there!
    I love, love your new look. the etsy addict is one of my favorite blogs to check. I never know what kind of fun I'm gonna find.

  14. I really like those little paintings, very cute! Thanks!!

  15. What a wonderful soap box to be on! Thanks for helping make all this so real for all of us that appreciate anything handmade!