Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days before Christmas...

and here I am starting another blog.
Because this year I've decided to procrastinate and what better way is there to eat time than to browse on Etsy? I can get lost for hours and hours (and have), flipping through my favorites, your favorites, the forum, the treasury. I can't even walk by my computer without seeing what made it to the front page. Maybe someday it'll be me!
today's favorites

Love the rustic, washed out look of these letters. You can find them in this lovely shop.

This little number is GORGEOUS! Just like all the other treats in this shop.

Being the fabric whore that I am, I will be buying this. This comes from my new favorite fabric shop.

I fell in love with this shop the minute I saw this necklace. Lucky enough my sister caught wind of my adoration and she bought me the bracelet version for my birthday!

Words to live by.

Ahhhhh, I just want to drink this fabric in...Isn't the dress just scrumptious? This shop is full of beautiful things for the girlies.



  1. Great idea! I could send you some links to some of my favourites. I have pages of favourites.

  2. yes!!! i'd love to see your favorites!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and being the first to comment! xo