Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gosh, this is fun!

The Christmas Eve eve post just in case I don't get on the computer tomorrow...gasp!
tonight's favorites

I just luvvvv this dress and can speak factually on the craftsmanship of this artist. Her clothing is made per.fect.ly! The dress my baby is wearing for Christmas is made by this designer.

Go ahead and laugh, giggle, oooo and ahhhh. This little guy is SO flippin CUTE! I want one so bad...for me (not one of my girls...is that bad?) If you want one too check out the cuteness this shop ooozes!

OK. I have a penchant for birds. I just love them...especially on fabric! Don't you just love the pom pom detail at the bottom? You better be quick and snatch these goodies...they're on sale!

This girl makes me want to reach into my screen and give her a big hug. Her eyes are amazing, her sweetness pure. She'll be hanging in one of my daughters rooms before long! This artist is amazing!

I love doing mushrooms in the designs I make...This piece caught my eye right away. This designer rocks!

Maybe the sentiments I'm choosing as my favorites offer a little insight into my psyche or maybe they're just really good things to remember. I love this and can't wait to get one at this adorable shop!

I love Russian dolls...always have always will. This shop is devoted to them and such beauties they are!
That's it for tonight...it's story time!

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