Friday, December 26, 2008


I need money.
Lots of it. Lots and lots of it.
This little 'harmless' addiction could be bad for my wallet, the space in my house, my husband. I've neglected my other blog for a couple of days because it's easier to whip through etsy than it is for me to download the pictures off my camera from Christmas...(tomorrow plum readers, tomorrow!

Would you check out the cuteness of the above calendar??? Is it 'normal' to feel love towards a flippin calendar? Well, I do. I can't help it. I added this artist to my favorites the minute my eyes caught site of this baby.

I want this...bad. Not really sure what I'd do with it since I'm a messy crafter and I keep my pins and needles wherever they fall so needing this and wanting this are two very different things. Wanting usually wins out with me anyways ;)

Love, love, LOVE this and at least on of my daughters will be wearing something from this shop sooner rather than later!

These would look great on a shelf for decoration. They look purrrrfect!

I told you I loved birds and these are no exception. This shop has a ton of super cute vinyl decals!

This shop is going to take off very quickly, no doubt. I want every. single. thing. in this shop!
I guess I just can't get enough of Amy Butler's 'Cherry Full Moon' dot fabric because everything made with this luscious material catches my eye. I use a ton of it in my sewing and even used it to back pillows and curtains in my family room! This little clutch purse is so cute and a great size. I'm SO owning one of these!

How pretty is this necklace? This artist possesses many different talents from jewelry to handbags, hair accessories to all things fairy. I love, love her work.

OK. I need this, want this, will own this.
I guess I've been saying that a lot.
I can't help it! I fall in love with beautiful things and I just can't get them out of my mind. Then I become obsessed. Then it's all I can think about. I guess that's why I call myself an addict. At least I'm not harming anything or anyone, right? Tell me it's OK. Please?



  1. Wow, great finds! I love the Birds, lil gals dress, calander, oh and that cute shirt.

  2. Those are truly great finds!

    Everyone on my CHristmas gift list received at least one item from etsy this year!

    You can find me here

  3. Great Idea! I love browsing through all of these fun filled treasures. I'll be back to check out the latest. Happy DAY!

  4. I love Etsy too! I got great personalized address labels for my Christmas cards this year from one shop.