Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Joyeux Noel...

You didn't think I'd actually make it just one day without stopping by my most FAVE site in the world, did you? No way!

I've been eyeing this little number for quite some time. This whole shop is chock full of the sweetest illustrations...ahhh, the innocence!

Not sure what I'd do with this but I'm quite sure I'll think of something! I just discovered this shop from Japan and I'm digging it!

A sucker for flying hearts...I also happen to like the band where this quote comes from (Death Cab for Cutie). You've got to check out this shop!

The talent this doll maker has is undeniable and endless! I might need one of these for my bed :)

OK. How cute are these heart clips??? Having three daughters promotes the need for cute hair accessories! I happen to be a BIG fan of this artist and am happy to have a few things she's made.

I'm a sucker for a cute pillow and these make the grade BIG TIME! So many cuties in this shop go check it out!

OK. Times up. I should be making dip, a cookie platter, getting the girls ready to go, feeding the dog, watering the tree and cleaning up for Santa...(didn't you know Santa won't come to a messy house? Just goes to show you my craziness!) Have a Merry Christmas Eve...I'm guessing I won't make it on tomorrow so you'll have to wait until Friday to find out more of my favorites!
If you'd like me to check out your favorites leave a comment on this post with your etsy name or convo me on etsy at

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